Sub Floor Screeds & Moisture Barriers

  • Sub Floor Screeds & Moisture Barriers
  • Sub Floor Screeds & Moisture Barriers
  • Sub Floor Screeds & Moisture Barriers

The award-winning Isocrete K-Screed range from Flowcrete is best known across the construction industry for its ability to deliver quality floor screeds by combining high strength with rapid installation and excellent moisture control.

Containing the innovative K-additive, a plasticising and accelerating admixture used to modify and enhance the performance of sand/cement based screeds; Isocrete K-Screed delivers a strong and level platform on which to install a host of floor finishes and coverings.

Flowcrete Asia also offers a further range of specialist self levelling and trowel applied screeds, as well as substrate strengthening products and moisture barriers, that can be installed as a tailor-made solution for any environment in the effort to prevent floor failure.

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Available Systems

Flowcrete Asia offers the following systems in its range of sub floor screeds & moisture barriers 

Technical Downloads
Title Type Download
Flowcem System Data Sheets
Flowpol SBR System Data Sheets
Flowscreed Industrial Top System Data Sheets
Flowscreed Mortar System Data Sheets
Flowtex AOS System Data Sheets
Isocrete 1500 System Data Sheets
Isocrete Acoustic K System Data Sheets
Isocrete K-Screed System Data Sheets
Isocrete Self Level Plus System Data Sheets
Sales Resources
Title Type Download
Isocrete Floor Screeds Brochures
How To Avoid Screed Failure Flooring Whitepapers
Airport Cheat Sheet Flooring Cheat Sheets

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